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*I'm Jonathan (My friends call me J.K.)
*I'm a laid-back guy looking for good music, good times and new friends every day.
*Born in TX //Hiram, GA is where I reside
*I'm usually quiet and reserved in large crowds of complete strangers, but when I'm with a small group of friends I'm loud, outrageous and out of control.
*I don't have a style when it come 2 my clothes. Fashion is overrated.
*I'm a egalitarian.
*I'm a freelance "relationship counselor" w/ little relationship experience and a hopeless romantic.
*I'm the pillow everyone cries on, the heavy bag everyone beats up and the modern day punch line. I'm everyone's friend and I'll b your friend if u need one.

SN: Most of my likes and some of my posts are NSFW



[Image Description: @ imransiddiquee tweeted:

Men who feel outcast by “Alpha Male” culture often end up replicating the same limiting, awful hierarchy in new places. # GamerGate.

These men gravitate towards subcultures after being left cold by the dominant macho one, yet rather than reject hyper-masculinity, they mirror it. 

Yet it’s actually the same hatred of women - fear of the ‘feminine’ - at the root o the macho culture that rejected them too. # GamerGate

If you’re genuinely looking for spaces where you can escape the dominant, oppressive, expectations of masculinity - look into feminism.]



Wish I would’ve gotten to this sooner since it’s late to be posting, but I really love this particular message and the discussion around “being a man” and how it relates to the treatment of women as well as gay men (or anyone else perceived as “less” / equivocated with being undesirably weak)

read connell’s masculinities. don’t pay too much attention to how she defines different masculinities, focus on how power operates amongst different masculinities. promise it’s hella relevant to #gamergate 


Dear White People (x)

I blame Tyler Perry


Male Cruella De Vil is now finished (with Fur coat!) based on SakimiChans design.

This is pretty badass


Paranormal investigations can often be intrusive to the dead. Especially when they are having sexy time. 


Paranormal investigations can often be intrusive to the dead. Especially when they are having sexy time. 






STORM & Black Panther…

Relationship goals

Hell freaking yes!!

Waiting for my panther…

I need a husband so we can do this for Halloween!!

This set needs to come back

This set needs to come back

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